Your Weddings and Invitations will reflect the difference in Villa Estet, which is surrounded by fertile vineyards from the black lands of the Burnt Country.

 We invite you to start your new life with Villa Estet.

We can create perfect invitations and organizations with our alternatives such as cocktail, cocktail prolonge or sit-down dining arrangement in our grass area by the pool with a capacity of 250 people.

Within the scope of all your wedding and invitation organizations, you can find all kinds of services you are looking for and need in Villa Estet, and you can relax in our comfortable and luxurious rooms.

Advantages Waiting for You at Villa Estet

Demo dinner before the wedding (max. 3 people)

Related solution partners and contact details for table decoration, music and photography service during your organization

Free honeymoon room accommodation

Complimentary of our wine specially produced with grapes collected from our vineyards to your honeymoon room

Special discounted room rates for your guests who will attend your wedding

Late breakfast for newlyweds in their rooms or in our garden if they wish.

Possibility to check out from your room at 16:00 1 night accommodation for 2 persons including breakfast on your first wedding anniversary

Wedding cake